What is SEO?

There are many terms synonymous with the world of digital marketing, perhaps none more so than that of SEO. But what exactly is SEO? Over the course of this post our expert team here at Sunshine Marketing aim to provide a broad overview of exactly what is meant by the term SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO or refers to the gradual process of increasing the organic traffic to your website. Millions of people search for endless amounts of topics every single day through search engines like Google and it is the job of digital marketers to ensure that your website communicates effectively to Google exactly what products and services your business can offer customers. However, taking advantage of this search volume is a gradual process which takes time.

How does SEO Work?

In a nutshell, search engine optimization works to improve upon the visibility of your website in relation to relevant search results. Take for instance someone searches for ‘gates for sale’. The results which show up first may not necessarily mean these companies supply the best gates, but rather their websites are most relevant to the consumer’s query.  There are various ways in which digital marketers work to improve the rankings of a given website. For instance, on-site content such as text, site speed and site layout can help to boost your rankings. Other areas such as link building also play an important role in helping boost the rankings of your site. Despite this, much of the SEO work done by digital marketing agencies is technical in nature, designed to communicate quickly and clearly with search engines.

Can SEO help my business?

In a word, yes. SEO can not only help to boost your appearance with regard to relevant search terms, but it can also help you grow your business through attracting new customers and subsequently providing value to these customers. If your business can offer customers a solution to their online query, then you need the services of an SEO expert. By appearing more frequently in front of customers online you not only improve brand awareness, but you can also convert these leads into customers.

Does SEO take a long time?  

In most cases, search engine optimization is a process which takes time. In some cases it may take upwards of 6 months of work before you begin to see tangible results. However, as with most things, the speed at which your site can begin converting leads changes from case to case. As a rough guide, most experts suggest that effective SEO can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to begin to take full effect.

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